A sort of calm

By Jes • Uncategorized • 1 Oct 2012

It was a wonderful weekend around here.

After working very hard last week to finish books to be included in the Fine Wine and Fine Books event at MCBA, I had a little bit of downtime with my favorite Mr. FN. Friday night included a date night and a trip to the Cult Status Gallery to see a poster show that one of my awesome print maker friends was included in. I love the city we live in, and I love having nights out like this.

Saturday included a fun family photo shoot. It was the perfect day for it! I can’t wait to dig into editing photos and getting a few posted here. Mr. FN and I managed to get in a little bit of kayaking on the lake. We bought kayaks this year in celebration of 10 years of being married (a bit early – that anniversary is actually coming up in a couple of weeks). We have had so much fun with them!

Of course now I am paying dearly for all of the time spent outside this weekend, and breathing is a bit harder than I would like (stupid allergies). But it was still wonderful.

This week will be much less intense. I have work to do writing and letterpress printing the last of the pieces for my upcoming show, and then framing. At least this week, the deadlines don’t seem quite so tight. I’ll enjoy that feeling while it lasts, because I know it is never around long!