….and that is why I love where I live….

By Jes • Uncategorized • 4 May 2012

After a semi-regular-morning-session of Wii Fit, I watched a pretty epic storm roll through. I watched for a while, and recorded a bit of it.

I moved on to an intense session of photo editing and negative scanning. It wasn’t long before the sun was beaming and I started getting a little stir crazy. I decided it was time to go test out one of the other Kodak Brownie cameras I have. I loaded up a bag with that camera plus a couple other with mystery rolls of film in them and headed out to the nature preserve behind our condo building. I found out that the nature area is larger than I thought! There are more trails back there than I realized! I finished off two partial rolls of film and one test roll in the Brownie, as well as a few instant shots and a few cell phone photos. I’m taking my sweetie back out with me on Saturday. He didn’t realize that area was that big either. I know I only scratched the surface.

I received an email from the wonderful people who own the house/gallery I have been invited to have work at during Art-a-Whirl. It was full of information like postcard pick up dates, artwork drop off dates, and that they have room for more artwork than I imagined they would and I need to get going on making more……..

I’m still looking forward to it. There will be more info about that here soon.

My sweetie and I headed off after dinner to the Rogue Buddha gallery in NE Minneapolis for the last of the Pocket Lab Reading Series hosted by two good friends of mine. We had a wonderful night listening to four poets we had not heard before (we even bought a book from one) and talking to artist friends and poet friends. We walked to the 331 Club and chatted more over drinks. It amazes and inspires me seeing the people I have the chance of working along side in this city.

On the way back to the car we walked past a shop called iWare that has me thinking about how I need to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor, and debating again if I should ask about contact lenses, or stick with frames.

I came home to see sitting on the table where I left it, my book for The Sketchbook Project. A daunting task….there is something about blank journal pages….but one I am excited about trying! I have until January to fill this up with new work. Then it will be photographed and added to their digital collection so anyone in the world can check it out and look at it on their computers, and it will be part of a traveling exhibit that will be going around the US. No pressure!

I loved today, was overwhelmed by today, had a couple of scary OMG moments today, but days like these, days that are filled with community and friends and art, are awesome.

On to tomorrow.

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