Big dreams

By Jes • Uncategorized • 13 Feb 2009

I’ve been planning all day.
Planning things to make for Art-A-Whirl in May. Planning things to post on Etsy. Planning things to make for the gift shop at BLCA.
Now if only I had the time off from my job to make these plans become more than just plans.
I saw a quote the other day on Twitter from Cory Doctorow
“Down economies are golden ages for bohemia as creatives are released from the rat race and make art instead”
It is an interesting quote and one I have been thinking about for most of the week.
Does it really release artists from the rat race? Or do we have to work harder to make enough money to get supplies to keep creating? Or does it simply remind us that we can live with a lot less than we are probably used to and squeak by on having just a little money and making more of the things we need. I have not yet come to a conclusion.
This year is the first year that I will be participating in Art-A-Whirl. I’ve already spent all of my budget so far paying for the membership and advertisement fees. So, the work I will be making to hopefully sell will come from supplies I already have. Small prints, blank cards, and work that is already framed. Hopefully it will be a fun experience and something I will want to do again! Though this brings one more question to my mind:
By putting your art work on small prints, and blank cards, and creating multiples and selling them at a lower price, does this cheapen the work and make people feel like it is worth less, or does this make you accessible to a much broader audience where people that couldn’t afford a bigger piece are still enticed to by some of your work because they truly enjoy it and can find something they can afford? I have heard arguments for both sides and think each have their points. I however feel there are many artists whose work I greatly enjoy but cannot often afford larger pieces, so instead I find myself buying small prints, magnets, and cards from them in the hopes that someday I’ll be able to go back and purchase a larger piece. Perhaps that is my answer…