Certain days just feel so completely….Monday

By Jes • Day to day • 23 Jun 2014

Today did not start out as something I would describe as a “Monday”. Today (a Monday in fact) became a day I would describe as a “Monday” around 2:30 when a series of unfortunate circumstances led me to trying desperately to make it to my favorite Monday afternoon yoga class on time. My car died on the way to that class. I do not have many photographs on interesting and beautiful things from today. But I do have one more photo taken from the drivers seat of my car as my dad tows it behind his truck. (In case you are curious, I do in fact have a collection of these photos.)

These things happen. It will all get sorted out eventually.

In other Monday news, the pile of printed pages of my book is slowly gaining on the pile of unprinted pages. Almost equal…..


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