By Jes • Uncategorized • 17 Mar 2010

Sometimes the best way to clear your mind is to just go take pictures. 

On Monday I took a bit of time for myself and went down to the bridge over the train yard by my parent's house. I've photographed the trains there many times before, but never with a Polaroid camera. Thankfully, the film and my Sx-70 were cooperating with me that day.

Later on, as my sweetie and I were driving to meet some friends, the open sunroof and his hand caught my eye. 

It is times like those that have the ability to make me feel calm. To feel that in the face of all of the stress and deadlines that accompany what I choose to do, that I chose right. To remind me that I am right where I belong.

There are many many events and updates that I will be posting soon. 

Until then, go take pictures :)


  • Jen Benson

    Love these. Make me want to go out and shoot something. Or take a day off to photograph. Get out the poloroids (yes plural) and make something beautiful. Especially the one with the peel off exposure papers (if you want to borrow sometime, you may, though good luck finding film, maybe west photo). Camera just itches to be taken out to make prints and scolds me regularily from the attic about being kept in storage. Captures images of the “now” like it was 1960. Oh, just makes me want to wander aimlessly and find beauty. Seriously, beautiful.