Day 15

By Jes • Uncategorized • 7 Sep 2009

This post is marking the end of a very long, busy holiday weekend. The weekend was not without its benefits though.

We drove to Mundelein, Illinois for a 50th wedding anniversary party on Saturday and stayed in Madison, Wisconsin Saturday night. After a photo walk late Saturday night, and a few hours of sleep, we drove home Sunday morning with one photo stop along the way. 

Today I spent a large part of the day hanging out with my family while developing the 10 rolls of black and white film I have accumulated from the last couple of weeks. All of that film is now being scanned, and I must say, I am very excited about how most of it turned out! It makes me very excited for a day I can spend with it to see what it will work itself into. Of course, you will see the results in future posts. It was a very rejuvenating day, and one that was greatly needed. I am still exhausted after all of the weekend events, but it is a happy exhausted now instead of an overwhelming exhaustion.

I am very hopeful about the other images I took over the weekend. Here are a couple of the Polaroids I took during our little road trip. I am enamored with them, and amazed at the clarity in the images, especially in the two taken with the little Polaroid 600 camera I bought at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. 

I'm hoping this inspiring photo weekend will jump-start my creativity for the next couple of weeks and that good things will keep coming!

Taken with my Polaroid 600 Spirit camera at Mill Bluff state park in Wisconsin. The park is very close to Volk Field. We took a chance to get out and stretch our legs by walking around the path that wound around these huge rock formations. It would have been even better if there hadn't been so many mosquitos out there! It was a beautiful place to visit though, and I highly recommend it if you are traveling through Wisconsin.

A close up of the rock towers. I was trying to capture a good image of the feathers that were strewn across the rock base. I took this with my Hasselblad 501c/m using a Polaroid back and super yummy awesome Chocolate Polaroid Peel-apart Pack film!

Another close up of the rock towers. They have amazing texture!

This is the Madison State Capital building at night. It was about a 20-30 second exposure, also taken with my Hassey and Chocolate Polaroid film. I was exhausted after our night walk, but it was worth it! I am anxious to see the other film shots!

Here begins another week!!