Day 19

By Jes • Uncategorized • 11 Sep 2009

Today was a day I was mostly just searching for inspiration. Not that I have to go very far to find it.  Working on a project like this can be very draining at times, and you need little things to rejuvenate you and give you new ideas to work into what you are doing.  

There have been many inspirations for this project from the start.  

One major source has been books by William Gibson. Being a Cyberpunk author, his fiction deals a lot with the worlds I am imagining in the text of my project. The digital world that exists along side the real world, but is also completely seperate. 

Currently, I am re-reading Idoru one of my favorite books by him, and one that deals a lot with living between the digital and the analog world. I am enjoying reading it for the second time right now, because I feel like it is giving me perspective in my writing again. Making me think about what I want to describe to the viewers of my work. It is also simply relaxing to read an enjoyable book again. A good example of what I am getting out of this book is in this paragraph describing Chia (a teenage girl) in her digital bedroom that she created for herself:

'Chia looked around, feeling disappointed. Things weren't quite the right size, somehow, or maybe she should've used those fractal packets that messed it all up a little, put dust in the corners and smudges around the light switch. Zona Rosa swore by them. When she was home, Chia liked it that the construct was cleaner than her room ever was. Now it made her homesick; made her miss the real thing.' (found in chapter 4 of the book)

I also had a very interesting discussion with my husband tonight about some matters of art history, specifically the Dadaist, Surrealist, and the Modernist movements and bits about certain artists. It was quite fun, I haven't had an art history discussion like that for awhile, and it was fun pulling out things I had learned from the classes that, at the time, seemed to take so much studying for.

One last little source of inspiration has been getting quite a few rolls of color negatives developed at National Camera. Amongst the many rolls of film, was one roll of night pictures I took at the state fair. I am very excited about them, and am hoping to be able to work with them a bit very very soon. Here is a little teaser:

Fireworks just before we left to go home!

An in-camera double exposure of the many lights and food vendors at the fair.

Both were taken with my Hasselblad 501c/m using Fuji color slide film, 100 asa.

More of those to come soon!

Enjoy the weekend!