Day 59

By Jes • Uncategorized • 9 Nov 2009

I actually accomplished things this weekend. 

Actually, quite a lot.

Saturday and Sunday, between working at the restaurant, I finished two big jobs (one will be posted later after one last look over of the photos). 

One job was a set of family photos for my friend S and her cool family. She blogs about them here, and it is a pretty great blog! 

They were a lot of fun to work on!

Today I spent uploading their photos, (this website didn't want to cooperate a whole lot!) getting artwork ready for the NEMAA Fall Members show (to be dropped off tomorrow), making cards to drop off at Dabble for their special event this weekend, and getting art work ready to photograph tomorrow for one more holiday sale application. To say I'm a bit beat would be an understatement, but I feel like I have accomplished something and that means a lot to me right now!

Until tomorrow.