Day 60

By Jes • Uncategorized • 10 Nov 2009

Somedays are just a process. 

I don't mean that necessarily in a bad way. Some days are just a lot more of getting things completed, and working step by step through them. Days where you find any creative time is smooshed in between certain other things that have to get done. I'm thankful that the creative times are still there even when the time is scarce. 

Today was a process for me.

It started with many drop-offs (more cards for Dabble's holiday sale and dropping off artwork for the North East Minneapolis Art Association member's show this weekend) picking up more printer ink, and thankfully some coffee. Studio time was spent mostly on sorting through pottery to go to the various holiday sales, and completing the application for the Bloomington Art Center's holiday sale. (I'll find out in a couple of weeks if I got into that one or not.) By the time I finished with that, dad was back from work and it was time to work on loading pottery into the kiln and finish a few other pieces that will hopefully be complete in time for the glaze firing the week of Thanksgiving. 

In between it all, I did manage to write a bit. Something that as I have said before, I am trying to do more of during the month of November. Recently, when looking for something else completely, I found a fountain pen that was given to me by my granny when I graduated high school. Today, while I was in my studio, I dug out my bottle of purple india ink, and used that pen to write for a bit. I must say, it is a very nice pen to write with, and not hard to use at all, unlike some fountain pens. It does make you slow down though. You have to take the time to fill the pen with ink when you want to write, and take the time to clean it when you are done, but in between, the ink will flow smooth. I found that it made me want to keep writing, even when my mind was going blank, which is a great thing. One of the things they teach you in writing classes is to just keep writing. Maybe this is something that will push me in that direction more.

When I went to drop off my artwork this afternoon, I took my Mamiya C330 with me. It has been awhile since I have taken any photos with that camera, and it was really fun to have it with again. It is another little thing that makes me slow down just a bit. There is no seeing what I have taken immediately. The film has to be developed and all that first. It is a process. It was nice to be back in that process again though. 

Next week I'm planning on being at my studio Monday and Tuesday. I'm planning a few more things to work on that can only be done there, such as film developing, and maybe playing with my Polaroid negatives a bit.

I'm looking forward to it.

Until tomorrow.