Day 64

By Jes • Uncategorized • 16 Nov 2009

I have a lot to post about today!

Katie and Josh were an awesome couple to photograph! This was my last wedding (not at all because of the couple! There are many many reasons for me not working on weddings anymore) and I am so happy to be ending this little stint as a wedding photographer with such a great couple. I have many happy memories from this, and really really hope they do too! 


After finishing this over the weekend, I spent today getting back into working on artwork. 

Along with taking many polaroid photographs, most of the peel apart type films create a negative as well as a positive image (the positive is the polaroid print). I read somewhere (if I ever find the blog post again I'll link it here) that you could clean the negative portion, and with a bit of chemicals (mostly bleach) make a transparent negative (like regular film) that could be scanned into a computer, or used as a negative in a darkroom to make a print. That is what I set out to do today. I failed pretty spectacularly. I didn't lose any negatives I was terribly fond of, but I did learn that this process works much much better with the Fuji polaroid film and not so much with the Polaroid brand polaroid film I have been using. So, after many chemical mixings, much elbow grease, and a couple of pairs of rubber gloves later, I decided to give up for awhile. Not completely! I'm still convinced this can be done, but I am realizing I won't be able to perfect the use of any of these in time for my project. So, it is something to work on later. Sometimes, you need to see the failures as progress. While I don't have a lot to show for my work today, I did learn a lot.

I am back to working on our photos from Japan (this ties into my project because many of the images I took in Japan have been intended for use in this series). I am working on creating a book through Blurb with all of our photos and stories. I do enjoy looking back through them all again. I can't wait to finish the book.

It has been a long time since I just went around, taking photos of almost everything. It is something that is hard to do at home, and much easier to do when you are visiting another world. I am working on shooting like this again, but it isn't easy. I'm not giving up on that either though.

Until tomorrow.