day 79

By Jes • Uncategorized • 7 Dec 2009

Over the weekend I got to take this amazing paper making class with Jana Pullman at MCBA

I tried paper making once before while working on my BFA degree at the U of M. I did manage to make some paper in that class, but they were all thick, very cottony, mostly uneven, and not something I ever had any inclining to use. Plus, the class made me sick, and I ended up dropping out before even reaching the mid term. 

I had talked to Jana once before about my experience while taking another class of hers, and she encouraged me to try again. I decided this class would be a nice break from the work I have been doing. 

It was amazing. The paper I made was the right thickness (most of the time!) it is strong, and amazing. My brain has been whirling all day thinking of ways to add this into my photo work. I promise to take better photos of the sheets soon.

Today, I spent the day finishing work to take to Dabble for their Holiday shopping day on Thursday. I also managed to make proofs of all the image possibilities for my show. So far there are 36 in all, though I know there will be a fair number of those that will be edited out. It does make me feel a bit better though – I am well on my way, and I feel I have even clearer direction to work in now. 

I also, of course, messed with a couple of my images again today while I was working on printing them. 

They are getting close, as it is getting harder to tell what exactly I changed. Just trust me, they are better ;)

Until tomorrow