Day 8

By Jes • 30 days, Day to day, Projects • 8 Apr 2013

Among other things, today I worked a bit on the wood block I am engraving.

2013-04-08 21.19.44

I also wrote another poem for NaPoWriMo. Actually, I wrote two today. The first one is really one I was working on to tie together a few elements in my show. I did write it all today, but wondered if it should count and weather it is really a poem, or more a descriptive string of words.


Either way, here is today’s contribution to the challenge:

Stunningly beautiful
things can happen in
very nondescript places.
Photos you love
could show scenes
that came
from any one
of a million locations.
But Digital knows
where they came from.
She can give you
a time stamp
weather report
and a map for each.
She can help you find them

sx70 1 step007


And the last one for today:

I need to have music
and the electric hum
of the air cleaner
to fall asleep.
I don’t always have to
see the moon
but I need to know
it is there.
I need to hear
him breathing
next to me.
I need to have
the perfect weight
of blankets
be the perfect
have a glass of water
my cell phone
and my glasses
right beside my bed
to fall asleep.
It is a wonder that
I ever get any
sleep at all.

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