Day 82

By Jes • Uncategorized • 10 Dec 2009

Today was a day of experimenting. Thankfully, many were successful, which always helps my motivation, and my mood.


My granny started me on collecting Russian dolls when I was young. My collection is not huge, but it is well loved. I have recently been thinking about how analog dolls are, particularly russian dolls, how simple they are. I have wanted to photograph them for about a week now, and finally today I found a perfect patch of sunshine where I could work on them. 

The last one is my very favorite. The last two were shot on Fade to Black polaroid film, which, just like the name implies, continues to develop and fades to black over the next 24 hours until it is completely black unless you intervene with the developing process. These scans were from the first 1/2 hour after the photos were taken. Expect to see these again soon in somewhat altered states!

I also experimented a bit with printing today. This past weekend I took a Japanese paper making class at MCBA. Today, I took one sheet of the paper that I made, and without any preperation, ran it through my printer to see how well I could print on it. I was surprised! It printed very well! This of course opens up many possibilities in my mind – such as buying kozo fibers to make into paper to print the images for this show on. It is a possibility. I am working on figuring out the logistics, and my time line, but it hasn't been ruled out yet.

I will post scans of that tomorrow.

Until then,