Good Weekends

By Jes • Uncategorized • 6 Feb 2010

It has been a good weekend. 

Thursday I got work dropped off for the Foot in the Door show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

I finished scanning the polaroids I took in Hawai'i, and got the digital photos (hello little underwater camera!) imported to my computer. I love looking through all of them.

Most of all, my weekend has been filled with anticipation – the good kind.

I know that next week I'll have time to finish developing the rolls of black and white film I shot in Hawai'i. I know that the color film I shot will be done being processed. I love polaroids, and I love the pictures we took with our digital camera, but I absolutely love the film images I get. There is something magical about waiting for it to be developed. Instant gratification is awesome, but so is waiting.

I'm lusting after a 4×5 Graflex Super Graphic (This is possibly due to the biography of Dorothea Lange I'm reading…she shot with a 4×5 a lot).

I'm going on a photo adventure with some friends tonight to see the ice candles Minneapolis always puts up around the Loppet track on Lake Calhoun. Things like that always get me excited for the weekend, and the coming week when I can really look forward to my Monday and Tuesday and have many fun possibilities for my studio work days.

Happy weekend!!