I had given up

By Jes • Uncategorized • 25 Jun 2010

Awhile ago my husband and I decided it was time to try and sell our condo and buy a house. We have called this little condo our home for 8 years, at least 4 years longer than we originally planned. It was time, we thought, for something new. Something with a bit more space, a yard to grow veggies in, a basement for my darkroom.

For the past 3 months we have kept the condo spotless, allowed appointments to show it whenever they came. After 3 months, and discouraging market news, I was finally ready to give up, figuring this just wasn’t the right time. We made up out minds to redecorate a bit, make things new again if we were going to be there awhile longer. We planned a trip to the hardware store this weekend to look for paint chips.

I decided we would officially take it off the market once we hit 100 days. For some reason I wanted to hit that milestone before sending the email to our agent and our mortgage agent that we were giving up for now and thanks for all the hard work anyway.

Wednesday I got a phone call that someone wants to come look at the condo and could they make an appointment?! They are coming today.

Really??? After all that deciding? After making the decision that it was OK to give up?

I’m still convinced that those decisions will stay the same. That we will still be looking at paint samples this weekend. That we will spend another year or two there. But I did still clean just a little bit harder for today. It is so hard not to get your hopes up…