It is going to be a bright day

By Jes • Uncategorized • 12 Jun 2012

Yesterday ended up being pretty epic. It started out with me getting caught up on a lot of work, and ended with a wonderful evening out with friends!

Today will be busy, but filled with artwork and friends, so I expect it will be fun.

My work at the ArtStart gallery comes down today. It was a lot of fun having my work on their walls!

Tonight my friend Laura Brown has a book launch party at Minnesota Center for the Book Arts at 7pm. Her book is gorgeous! You should come see it! I’m excited to have a chance to celebrate with her tonight. Finishing a project like that is a huge accomplishment!

I hope to get a bit of pottery done today as well, and hopefully drop off the mystery roll of film I just found in the camera I am giving to my cousin. Yes…I am giving my cousin a film camera! And she says she will use it! This little Pentax doesn’t get enough use from me, and I now own two of them, so one needs to go to a better home and get used. She and my aunt are going to Europe for 3 weeks! I am also sending a long a zoom lens for them to borrow. I am quite jealous that they are going, and that my lens gets to go to Europe and I don’t! ;)

On we go! It will be a bright sunny day!

Who is she?

(one of the images that is coming home from the ArtStart gallery today)

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