Long day

By Jes • Uncategorized • 16 Jun 2012

Today was a very long day filled with loads of work and loads of craziness, and lots of fixing things for people (which is kind of my job in a way).

I made it though, maybe a little bruised, but I’m still in one piece.

I managed to finish a large photo job tonight. There are more to come, but I am finished for the weekend. Tomorrow I can hopefully head out with my camera for just a bit.

I have been thinking┬áthat next week I need a little “retreat” week. I don’t know exactly what that will entail, or how much of the week it will extend to. But I do know I need a bit of time away from social media – at least during the day (I plan to update my blog in the evening) and stay off of my chat program for a while. I just need a bit of time for myself to create. I am already working that time in around two jobs and some family obligations. I need to be able to focus more during the time that I do have. I think it will be good though.

I’m finally off to bed. Thankfully, this very long day can now be over.

Good night.