Long days

By Jes • Day to day • 3 Jan 2014

I know the days are shorter in the winter here, but the last couple have seemed quite long. Perhaps this is the reality of working from home every day? Or just a feeling I get from knowing I don’t have a car (with heat) readily available for me to leave on a whim? Yesterday and today I have plugged through, feeling like I wasn’t accomplishing much, but getting to the end of the day and realizing that I have accomplished way more than I thought.

Today was spent on applications. Nothing of much interest to tell you about, dear readers. It is one of the tedious aspects of being an artist, sending out applications to be in shows or get gallery shows to show your work, sending the same images to different places in slightly different formats, each one labeled in a different way. yada, yada, yada. But, what amazed me today is that I am already applying for and planning for events in May. MAY. It seems to me that is the reason the years seem to go by so fast. When so many things are planned so far in advance, it is hard to not feel like time is rushing away.

Oh well. Two applications done today. Fingers crossed.

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