Mississippi Mornings

By Jes • Artwork, Day to day, Projects • 16 Jun 2014

I wish I could put into words how is feels to be where I am in this moment, in my living room, music blasting (Kathleen Edwards station on Rdio), windows wide open with the breeze and the smell of the oncoming storm blowing through. My journal is open to the page where I scribbled down my latest great idea for an artist statement (this one might actually stick).

This past weekend included my cousin’s wedding, staying out late to see Northern Spark events with John until we were exhausted, visiting the Stone Arch Bridge festival with my parents, and walking with them for the longest outing we have had together in years. Enjoying one more holiday I didn’t have to waitress….

2014-06-14 18.56.132014-06-15 01.33.48

I finally came up with a solid idea for the next art show I am included in (this one is truly an honor!) and I spent a lot of time this weekend day dreaming about it, anxious to get started on the work for it. Yes, it will include another book. Yes, I may haveĀ  a problem starting editions and not finishing them before starting another one. This will be the last…promise.

This morning started as rocky as most of my mornings do (I’m just not a morning person) but once the coffee hit I have worked non-stop on artwork prep, Etsy listings, and printing book pages.

I have been hard at work printing pages for my #MorningMississippi book. 2014-06-14 13.15.03

That stack of paper is the pages for 10 copies of this tiny book. My goal is to get close to 40.

I completed one last prototype for the Guided Book Projects class that got this little book started. There are still a few issues to work out, but I’m pretty excited with how it is going. 4 3 2 1

There are many parts to print for each book, so the progress is very slow. But I am so very glad to have one copy put together. It keeps me motivated to work through the edition!

I’m taking a break to go to yoga today. Every Monday at 3:30 is a session of Yin Yoga at Nordeast Yoga Studio. It has quickly become my favorite, and one of the few things recently that has been able to quiet down my mind for a bit. It is very meditative, and I am very glad I found this yoga studio and this practice this year.

Tonight I’m heading back to the MCBA Visual Journaling Collective monthly meeting. I went for the first time last month. The group of people that come to the meetings are inspiring, and it has motivated me to hang out with my journal more. I still don’t know if this is a permanent place for me, but it is a good place for the moment. The present moment is what I need to focus on.


Update: June 27th the Rare and Antiquarian Book Fair is happening at the MN State Fair Grounds in the Progress building. I’ll be there selling work at the MCBA Co-op table!