By Jes • Day to day • 2 Jul 2014

Sometimes the quiet days are the best. Today just happened to be a quiet birthday. It began with breakfast treats from my family, yoga class, and then continued with me having a lazy day. A day where I didn’t respond to emails (unless they were personal – no work emails!) a day where I didn’t babysit my printer, or work on books. Instead I sat in my lovely backyard and journaled, read a book, and listened to music. When John came home from work, he took me to my favorite place for sushi where I had a pretty cocktail and an excellent dinner before an impromptu meet up with a couple of friends for beer. It was amazing.

Tomorrow will be back to work, with quite a bit of catching up from not working today, but if given the chance I would do it all over again.

Forward, toward the holiday weekend!




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