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By Jes • Uncategorized • 2 May 2012

A few things I have learned recently:

1. Not all Real Estate agents care. Yeah, I really did know this before, but it was proven again. No, not ALL Real Estate agents are this way! Especially not the two I am related to ;) (That said, it has been a long week already. Tonight, my sweetie and I had our typical comfort meal: curry and beer. That seems to be our go-to comfort meal no matter where we are. This also came after a nice walk. It is amazing how a couple of things can change your outlook.

2. Fort Snelling has a lot of walking trails and many more things to see than just the historical re-enactment part! I remember going there where I was quite young to see the historical part, but I honestly haven’t been back since. I honestly didn’t realize there was so much more to it! Anyone want to go on a photo adventure?

3. I finally found a book that I’m really focused on reading, but I really don’t know what it is all about yet…(other than what the description on Goodreads says)

4. Flickr has a new photo uploader design! It is actually really nice, and is encouraging me to post more photos there again! So yes, there are many new photos in my photostream if you are bored and would like to look.

I have a lot of ideas. No, really, I do this time. My show that is coming up at MCBA in February will be quite different. At least I hope it will. There is this small thing of there being another show in October that I am excited for, but didn’t really plan on. That will take some time. But the MCBA show will be different. Still photo and book based, but in different ways than I have worked before. A wise friend recently told me that she doesn’t believe that artwork supplies have to come from the art supply stores. They can come from the hardware store if you want. She is right really. I keep thinking of this. Photos and books don’t always have to look the way you expect them to.

I am going to try screen printing! One of the benefits of being a Co-op member at MCBA is that when they decided to start promoting that we had a decent screen printing studio, the Co-op members were allowed to come for a free screen printing workshop. I kept thinking that I had forgotten most of what I needed to do to screen print since then, but I realized a few days ago that I took copious notes during that work shop, and you know what? I really do know what I’m doing. Screen printing is something that I want to work into my artwork. I’m not exactly sure how yet, but I am going to experiment a bit and see how it goes.

Getting back to the list:

5. One of the Brownie cameras I found in my stash that I am going to try shoots images that are not square! They are actually 2 1/4″ x 3 1/4″! As soon as I have a day where it is sunny and I don’t have to work all day, I’m going to try it out. I’m excited! Though I also realized I don’t have a negative carrier for my enlarger that will fit that negative. In fact, 2 of my 4 enlargers won’t fit that negative at all…(yes I have 4 enlargers in my tiny darkroom).

6. I am going to print a run of “back-up” business cards on my own for when I run out of mini-Moo cards at Craftstravaganza in a couple of weeks. Really, they aren’t that hard to print. And I already have a polymer plate made up with my website address on it! Just don’t mention this to my husband. He thinks I’m crazy for not just ordering them.

Tomorrow I have a lot of digital photo processing to work on. I’m kind of dreading it. I really want to be out taking photos and working on new artwork! But, this job pays, and pays well and needs to be finished. Hopefully this weekend will lead to more creative time and energy.

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