By Jes • Uncategorized • 18 Feb 2009

Today, for whatever reason, was one of those hard days that you feel like will never end. 

There were a couple of blog posts that I read today that did help a bit – at least from a “creative-photographer-not-a-waitress” point of view:

First there was this post at Smashing Magazine about 10 ways to make your photography skills better.  I’m not trying to brag at all, but I have noticed that I am doing (or at least try to do) many of them on a regular basis. 

Then, there was this blog on HDR photography which intrigued me.  This is the first I have really read about the subject, so I’m still a little uncertain about it.  Perhaps more of a discussion on that will be in a later blog.  Anyway, there are some great pictures in that posting.

And of course – Fashion!  (“Fierce!!!”)  The Daily Beast’s posts on Fashion Week made me smile :)  Lots of great pictures to look at!

This day has been long enough for me.  Signing off for the night.

New pictures to come soon!