2013 (all shiny and new)

By Jes • Day to day • 1 Jan 2013

2012 was not the easiest. But I’m not going to dwell on that. Needless to say, I am happy to remember the positive bits of 2012, and move on to 2013, which is still very new and shiny.


I found that quote in a friend’s Instagram feed and added it to my journal. This is actually the last entry in my sweet little Russian doll journal. I’m starting a new journal tomorrow. This new journal is one that I made…not as cute, but it will be pretty cool I think.


I don’t always make resolutions. But, there were a few important things on my mind this year that I felt needed to be put in writing for myself. So here goes:

• journal and practice writing more often. I really want to be in the habit of writing every day, but writing a couple of times a week would be a great start. I write a lot that goes with my art work, and I need more time and practice for that.

• finish the two leather journals I’m working on (done as of today!!) and practice making more. (This year will have a lot of practicing in it.)

• make progress on my Advanced Certificate in book arts. Which means giving myself the time to takes class or two.

• to not beat myself up so often. To be kinder to myself and others. To not blame myself for everything. To be more accepting that things aren’t perfect and that’s OK.

• to forgive all of the crummy parts of 2012 and welcome 2013! (I’m off to a good start so far!)

• to go to more movies and plays, to allow myself more fun time and not work constantly.

• to let my show in the bindery gallery be bold and different and to not be scared about that!

Happy 2013! May it be awesome!

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