25 things

25 things you probably don’t know about me
(This was a Facebook thing awhile ago. I didn’t do it then, mostly because I have a hate/kind-of-like relationship with Facebook and the various things on there. But I decided to post something like this here.)

1. I love the idea of making plans, but I generally get very overwhelmed trying to make and organize them, and often end up wondering why I try to make plans.

2. I don’t really like waitressing.

3. I’m very needy of attention and snuggling when I’m sick. Also, I think everyone is in need of attention and snuggling when they are sick (this drives my husband crazy because he want’s to be left alone when he is sick.)

4. When I was little my granny taught me to eat jello with whipped Miracle Whip on top. I think my husband thinks this is about as disgusting as Amanda Palmer thinks Vegemite is.

5. I don’t really know if I want to have kids. I get really fed up with people asking me if I’m ever going to have kids.
6. I want to be a writer as well as a visual artist.

7. I adore the Harry Potter books.

8. I love playing board games and card games.

9. I hate competitions. I especially hate when people make everyday life things into competitions.

10. I’m usually quite shy in large groups of people.

11. I have a very hard time concentrating on what I should be working on during the day when I have friends to talk to online.

12. I love when it snows

13. I love skiing – downhill skiing is a little like flying

14. I started out riding my bike more as trasportation because of the oil spill last summer, but I found that I really enjoy riding my bike.

15. I love my volkswagen beetle and I really miss driving it! (I hate when people tell me my car looks like it is sporting Vikings colors.)

16. Lacross and the Roller Derby are really the only sports I don’t hate. (Though I admit I am a bit curious about the new player from Japan that just joined the MN Twins…)

17. I think one of the worst thing in the world is having to pretend you are happy and make other people happy when you aren’t feeling well.

18. The supplies for my artwork are extremely expensive, and I sometimes feel guilty about spending the money on them, but that doesn’t really stop me.

19. I’m thinking about artwork pretty much all the time.

20. I am very easily intimidated. It takes a lot, but I usually get over it.

21. I love handwriting, and I still keep a handwritten journal.

22. I love hugs.

23. I’m really very nervous about the project I’m currently working on.
24. I am usually a very happy, upbeat person, but sometimes, I just need someone else to be upbeat for me.

25. My granny started me collecting Russian dolls when I was little. My collection is growing.