Jes Lee

365 project catch up day

It has been very quiet around this blog lately. That has mostly been due to how busy I was preparing for Craftstravaganza. (There is a post on that coming very soon!) In the mean time, here is the catch up on my 365 projects!

April 24th
Instant 365 #26
A cold day, looking up at the bare trees. Spring will be here someday!
(I already posted the cell phone pic for this day.)

April 25th
Instant 365 #27
Spring! At least it felt like it that day! We spent the evening on the new patio at Psycho Suzie’s with friends.

April 26th

Instant 365 #28
Sunshine and another deck photo.

Cell phone 365 #28
This was actually inspired by tweets from a couple of friends, but still very appropriate for the day. I spent 10 hours working on getting prints laid out in my portfolio to present at Craftstravaganza and was surrounded by notes and paper scraps.

April 27th
I don’t know what happened to me this day. I just didn’t have a cell phone portrait.
None of my instant photos turned out either. I guess it was just a blank kind of day!

April 28th

Instant 365 #29
Ok, so I take photos of my deck whenever my instant cameras haven’t been working particularly well. It is easier to go outside where there is better light and make sure it is just the conditions you were trying to take a photo in that weren’t that great, and that there isn’t actually something wrong with your camera!

Cell phone 365 #29
What else do I do before a big event but dye my hair again? :)

April 29th
Instant 365 #30
The Fine Arts building where Craftstravaganza will be taking place.

I don’t seem to have a cell phone 365 from this day either…

April 30th
I don’t have an instant photo from this day. The biggest reason being I didn’t bring any instant cameras with me to Craftstravaganza, and I left and came home when it was too dark to take a photo with the films I had loaded. 

Cell phone 365 #30
Craftstravaganza and Roller Derby day!  I took this at the convention center while we were watching the derby.

May 1

Instant 365 #31
Yeah, I know, another deck photo….

Cell phone 365 #31
in bed by the light of an iPad

May 2nd

Instant 365 photo #32
Ok, I promise, no more deck light photos after this!

Cell phone 365 #32
There had to be a self portrait with my bff :)

May 3rd

Instant 365 #33
The silhouette of the by Alexandra press at MCBA.

Cell phone 365 #33
some bedtime reading.

May 4th

I can’t find the cell phone 365 photo from this day! However, I did take an instant self portrat:

Instant 365 #34
Hello! And May the Fourth be with you ;)

I’ve been having some issues with my cell phone which I think is to blame for a few of those missed days (I only remember completely forgetting one self portrait!) but I’m not going to dwell on it. I’m going by the photo # count, so it will just take me a little bit longer to get to the 365 mark!

Until next time,