A catch up on my cell phone 365 project

By Jes • Uncategorized • 16 Apr 2011

I have been keeping up on both of my 365 projects. I’m actually really proud of that. Usually I have slipped by this time and given up. I am, however, quite behind on posting them. So, here is a catch up for one project, my cell phone self portrait 365.

Cell phone photo #8


I had been crazy busy trying to get new artwork done to take to Bloomington Art Center. Somedays, you feel like all you are is a working, creating machine.

Cell phone photo #9


Some days are just kind of blurry.

Cell phone photo #10


Cell phone photo #11


I took this because my thought process led me down a path where at the end I was very grateful that I have made the choices in my life that have led me to so many places where my scars don’t matter.

Cell phone photos #12


Cell phone photos #13


I have had a few too many days stuck working on my computer instead of being outside.

Cell phone photos #14


Sunshine and shadows!

Cell phone photos #15


I put a new earring in one of my holes.

Cell phone photos #16


Back at the computer and cold.

Cell phone photos #17


Hands for a keyboard. I actually took this photo holding my cell phone in my mouth.

Cell phone photos #18


Today. Thanks to the cold weather we have suddenly again, it is a long sock kind of day.

I’m not at all pretending that these are the best photos I’ve ever taken, but that isn’t the point of this project. The point of this project is to force myself to use a different camera, to try taking more self portraits (without it getting too boring!) and to stick with a project that forces me to be creative everyday even for just a minute.

I’ve made it this far.
Until next time,