A letter to the person who smashed my car window today:

To the person who smashed the window on my Beetle today,

Yes, you took my backpack. The first bag I have bought that I have actually used for more than a year. I’m sure you have already found the awesome things that were in there – mostly the journal that I made myself in a really great class at MCBA, that I carried with me through Japan collecting stamps in. Also, the set of pens, my favortie to write with, that were given to me by my granny when I graduated from school. Yes, there was an iPad in there. A first gen one that had the nice rounded corners bent in when I dropped it where I work while reading on it. The best part about it is actually the case it is in, handmade by a really awesome friend of mine.

Really, what you stole today was nothing valuable in a money sense. Just valuable in the sense that those things showed a small bit of the awesomeness that surrounds me, of my great friends, of my wonderful family, and some of the wonderful experiences of my life that I wrote about in that journal. Perhaps that is what you really needed – a bit of amazingness in your life. In the end, they are just things. Special things, yes, but still just things. I still have a ton of amazingness in my life, I still have all of those amazing people. You can’t take that away from me.


To the police officer who came to write the report,

Thank you for being kind.

Thank you for not asking if my little purple and yellow Volkswagen Beetle was a “Vikings Car”

Thank you for not saying “this is what happens when people leave their bags in their cars”

Thank you for being sympathetic.

Thank you for saying that while most times things aren’t recovered, you would still keep your eyes open for a green Duluth Pack backpack with a fuzzy skull patch on it.

Most of all, thank you for coming fast, and being kind.