A new week can make a big difference

By Jes • Uncategorized • 23 Feb 2010

Today is part of a new week. A new week from last week, where things weren't working quite right. 

It appears those things are working much better this week.

I worked on two new compilations yesterday. I'm not convinced they are finished, but they are getting better. 

Right now loosely titled Trees it contains 3 images from our Hawaii trip. Two medium format film images taken with my Hasselblad, and one polaroid taken with my Sx-70.

I also put together this one using photos from our Japan trip:

This contains two black and white photos, taken with my Mamiya C330, and one digital image taken with my Canon 40D. I'm not against mixing digital images into my compilations, it just has to be the right one.

They are works in progress. 

I've been uploading a lot of travel photos here and to my Flickr account lately. It has been nice in a way to feel like I'm accomplishing something, hearing feed back about them, and seeing all of them again always helps me find new sources for compilations for my show. 

You can find photos from our Japan trip here on Flickr. I am not through uploading, or adding descriptions and tags to all of the photos, so keep checking back there! 

The photos from our trip to Hawaii are being added on my site here, and on Flickr. I'm not finished processing all of the images, so more will be added soon!

Thank you for all of your kind words about my work, and for looking through the hundreds of photos I post! Your kind words and suggestions mean a lot to me!


Until next time,