A rounded, leather, drop spine box, or what I’m doing at MCBA

By Jes • Uncategorized • 28 Jul 2011


I was at MCBA at 8:45 this morning. Yes, that is in fact early for me. Yes, I’m still there right now. Yes, I’ll be back again tomorrow. But, you know those cool boxes that look like old leather bound books, but aren’t books at all, but a place to hide things no one would suspect? I’m making one of those today! There is a lot of work left to be done on it, but it is going very smoothly so far. This is giving me an idea for a show I’m putting together in 2013. Yes, that is a long way off, and I have a few other shows to get through first. But, it is very exciting to have an idea.

The photo is of my book box so far!

I apologize for not adding any links in this post. There will be a much more thorough post with all of that later!

Until next time,