Adventures in the life

By Jes • Uncategorized • 1 Apr 2011

The events of today don’t really matter.
There were a lot of photos taken, a hair cut appointment, a bus ride, and time spent cutting bookmarks and thank you notes and paper for a ton of blank cards that will hopefully be well received at Crafstravaganza, delivering instant film, picking up socks to be sent to Japan, and receiving a little gift package of Fuji peel apart film that I have not yet tried before.
I’m a little wiped out, but it was an awesome day! Somehow, I have managed to keep up with all of the little photo projects, so here you are:

Instant photo (day 2)


Reflections on Washington Ave.


This I actually took yesterday (it is the Moses of the Desert plant my friend at work gave me).
Yesterday I didn’t like it very much. Today, after it has had more time to clear up, I like it better.

Both were taken with the PX-100 FF color film. I have to finish this pack before I can try any of the new stuff!


Self portrait day 3
Dark, new hair cut.


And, one gratuitous sleepy bunny cell phone photo thrown in for good measure.

Until next time,

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