An apology…

I have had this on my mind for a few days now….

after realizing that it is already August, so many summer days have already slipped past, and realizing how many things I had been hoping to do…
and worst of all realizing how many plans that have been tentatively made with all of you that might not happen….
plans for movies, days at the beach, bike rides, parties, photo walks….

The timeline for finishing the work for my show in September has been truly kicking my butt this summer. I’ve been spending many more days at my studio and in my darkroom than I had planned. I know it will be worth it in the end, but in the mean time, I miss doing all the fun things with all of you that I truly thought I would have time for this summer!

So this is my apology to all of you for all the fun things I had agreed we’d do this summer, that I will most likely miss. I hope you can forgive me for backing out on so many fun things!! Please know that I am not mad at or avoiding anyone! I miss you all when I’m working in my studio!

The opening reception for this show is going to be Thursday, September 23rd. I hope all of you can come and celebrate! The next big project won’t be for awhile.

In the mean time, there is always Fall! Everyone will be up for ice cream parties and lots of fun other things in the fall right?! :)