At the end of the day

Today didn’t go much like I planned it to, but few days ever really do.
Today had a lot of ups and downs, and gave me a lot of time to think and in the end be veey very grateful for where I am. Awhile ago on Twitter I used to post every night 5 things I was grateful for from that day. I’m thinking tonight I should start that again, and that it should be posted here.

~I am grateful that John is home with me tonight.
~I am grateful that we have a place to live with solid insulated walls when hearing the wind outside.
~I am grateful that I have a car and didn’t have to bike today, even though I was originally planning on it.
~I am grateful for the chances I am getting to exhibit my artwork.
~I am grateful to be surrounded by people I love, and busy doing work I enjoy!

Until next time,