Big things and little things

By Jes • Uncategorized • 15 Jun 2010

Every Saturday I have had off of work so far this summer, John and I have gone to the Mill City Farmer's Market. There are three places in this city that I automatically think of as my 'favorites'…places that constantly calm and inspire me. The Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden at night (especially the back garden walkway when the lights are on, and the wind chimes that were up for one of their latest shows…I haven't been there recently, but I really hope the chimes are still there!), The Open Book Building that houses Minnesota Center for Book Arts and The Loft Literary Center (being around all of MCBA's old presses is a favorite place to be) and walking around the Mill City Ruins. 

John and I were there this past Saturday, and I decided to try taking some photos with my SX-70, which I hadn't picked up in awhile. 

I'm sure I've mentioned here before that The Impossible Project was working their butts off making new instant film. They succeeded, but there have been many more challenges on all sides than anyone had hoped for. One of the challenges on the photographers part is that this film is very light and temperature sensitive. Many people got frustrated and gave up. Many more of us, realizing that this was new film, and that film in the first place had many challenges and set backs, pushed on, posted tips, and encouraged each other. You try, you learn, you figure out what you are doing wrong, and you fix it for the next image. No, it isn't cheap, but art isn't necessarily supposed to be cheap. Ok, rant over.

Saturday was the first time for me that 4 out of 4 photos I took came out to be something that I liked :) That feeling of success is pretty awesome! I've had a ton of fun recently just playing with my photos. Instead of worrying if they are perfect, or if they fit into the scope of my show, I just take them, and enjoy them. It is helping me work through all the stress with the finishing up process I'm working on right now. 

I had quite a bit of time to work in my studio today. I managed to get all of the edges trimmed on the prints for the Bloomington show, and managed to get my printing press area cleaned up. The next part of my project work involves printing dialogs I've written on some of the prints. I've been meaning to clean up that space, but I've been putting it off. 



My plan is to start on the ink mixing and press set up next week. I'm kind of excited to be working on that part. I love my little press and I secretly love the smell of ink! Maybe that's why I enjoy being around MCBA's presses so much.

Until next time,