Jes Lee

By the time you read this I’ll have left already…

I wrote this as we were working on getting everything ready for our trip. By the time you read this, I’ll already be in Japan :)  See you in a couple weeks!


Getting ready for a trip has the ability to make you go temporarily crazy. Maybe this is just a ploy to make the plane trip seem not so bad. By the time you are on the plane in that tiny seat cramped next to the person next to you, you are so greatful that you have to shut off your technology and for the next however many hours, there is really nothing you can do about a lot of things and you cherish that peace. It has been a roller coaster this past week. I feel like every morning I wake up in a panic that I have forgotten something else needed for our trip. I’m sure there are many many people in this world for whom traveling to the other side of the earth is nothing. For whom getting to their destination is nothing more than a long road trip. I am not one of those people.
I love to travel! I love the excitement of being someplace new and having new things to eat, and new things to take pictures of. Where around every corner is something you have never seen before. For however many days I am in a new place I do my best to soak everything in, capture as much as humanly possible with my camera, and try not to forget anything. When I come home I feel renewed, and I feel like I am able to look at my surroundings in a new way. They feel fresh again.
That said, I am also a home-body. I love being where I know everything and everyone. Where I am comfortable, and have a routine. Where I can talk to my friends and family about anything at anytime.
That said, I’m on my way! A pretty great adventure awaits me! Check my Flickr page for picture updates! My plan is to upload all the digital pictures I take every night and post them there. The images I take with my film camera will have to wait a bit ;)