Jes Lee

Cover art!

The Night of the Eclipse the Whole World Shimmered

I’ll be back soon posting more about my photo polymer photo gravure project. But I have to take a break today to share this bit of excitement:

Rain Taxi, a great local non-profit centered around literature puts out an amazing publication, and asked to use my artworkThe Night of the Eclipse the Whole World Shimmered‘ on the cover of their latest issue! It is already starting to hit the stands….and I may have a few extra copies coming my way to pass out to anyone interested ;)

You can see a digital version of the current issue here:


And they posted a bit about me here:

They have been so great to work with! I am beyond thrilled that they asked to include me in their publication. Please go check it out, and if you can, support them online or at one of their events. If you are local to Minneapolis and St. Paul (and a book nerd like me), check out the book festival coming up on October 15th!