Day 1

Day 1 update.

I’ve made it this far!

I have two images today. One that was taken today, one that I took on our trip to Japan. Both will somehow fit into the final images of this project. For now, this is how they exist:

This was taken in downtown Osaka. It amazes me to see the mix of new and old there. It was not uncommon at all to walk down the street and see and old building (usually a temple) right amidst sky scrapers and very modern architecture. It is one of the things I see showing through this project. That new and old, analog and digital can work together and exist together and can in their own way be beautiful.  Taken with a Mamiya C330, most likely on Ilford Pan F 50 film.   April, 2009

I took this photo during our Japan trip. This is in downtown Osaka, not very far from our hotel. It always amazed me how often you would see the old and the new mixed together there. Just walking down the street in downtown, you would see an old building (usually a house or a temple) right in the middle of very modern sky scrapers. This is what I see coming together in my project. Showing the mix of old and new, analog and digital together. I’m not saying that one is better than the other. I’m not sure yet exactly what I am saying about them. Just that they are. Technical stuff: this image was taken with my Mamiya C330, probably with Ilford film, most likely Ilford Pan F 50. That’s one of my favorite types of black and white film!

I sat on our deck and took this looking straight up at the sun and clouds. Of course, you lose a lot of detail taking a picture of the sun, but it captured the feeling I wanted.  Taken with a Hasselblad 501c/m using a Polaroid back and Blue pack film from Polapremium.  August, 2009

This image I took today from our deck as the rain was finally stopping and the sun was coming out. Of course you lose a lot of detail in the sky area when you point your camera right at the sun, but it captured the feeling I was looking for. In another the image ‘Industrialized‘ that will be included somewhere in this project, I included a dialog by a character who was talking about how if he/she (I haven’t decided yet, don’t know if I will) moved completely into the Digital World and away from Real World that she would miss the clouds and the sun and trees and grass. Taking this image made me think of that character. I think it might be a she. She loves clouds.  Technical stuff: taken with my Hasselblad 501c/m using a Polaroid back loaded with Blue pack film from PolaPremium.

That is it for today.