Day 11

By Jes • Uncategorized • 1 Sep 2009

It usually takes me quite awhile to finish a compilation image. One image is very very rarely created and completed in one sitting. Often, I start one, leave it alone for awhile, let it breath, tweak a few things, step away again, and let it tell me where it needs to go.

Of course, they all have to start somewhere.

I had some time tonight to start a new compilation image.

This is just the start of this. It has a long way to go before I consider it finished.

This is a work in progress. It is a compilation of 3 polaroid images.  All images were taken with a Hasselblad 501c/m using a Polaroid back.  September 2009.

So far, it is made of 3 images:

Winona Train Tracks

Lock and Dam #5

and Flowers.

By the time it is finished, it could be completly different. For now, this is how it exists.

I’m sure you will see it again sometime soon!