Day 22

By Jes • Uncategorized • 16 Sep 2009

I've felt a bit scattered today. Not really a bad scattered, just where I don't feel very deep or profound, and I can't quite focus on anything for too long. I have been working on photos for at least a couple of hours though today, and while I have no idea where these are going, this is what interested me today. Who knows where they will show up next.

From last winter when I took a little photo walk around Uptown with my Holga. I was experimenting with not completely advancing the film to the next frame.

Sometime last fall I believe, in the Como Park Conservatory flower garden.

Just a few weeks ago, when I finally found Hidden Falls again.


The next 3 are more that I took at the State Fair the week before it opened. These were very odd parade floats that were parked across the street from the fair grounds.


Life is a b-movie

It's stupid and it's strange

It's a directionless story

and the dialogue is lame

but in the he said she said

sometimes there's some poetry

if you turn your back long enough

and let it happen naturally