Jes Lee

Day 31

I've completed a month's worth of blog posts here! Pretty amazing…

There are many many times when this blog has kept me up way too late at night, but I am enjoying sharing all of these things. 


Today was more of a general "getting stuff done" kind-of day. I accomplished quite a few little things, just not much that I can show here so you could be impressed. 

I did have another one of those "light-bulb" moments, which has of course added ideas and plans…

Today, being a Tuesday, of course had a large chunk of time devoted to pottery. Tonight I finished trimming and finishing two covered bowls. Will they survive firing? Who knows! I hope so, but the main thing I am excited about is it is the first time since I have started working on pottery with my dad that I have finished a piece that consisted of two parts fitting together. I realize that this is because I have been practicing, almost always one day a week, for quite some time. 

As I posted last night I have created a couple of successful Polaroids with my Sx-70 camera and the Artiztic film. This is  because I have been practicing with it, trying different settings.

For this project, I want to have a few traditional silver gelatin prints in the show. I realize that to do this, I need to practice printing more. I know what I'm doing, I know the technique, but it has been awhile since I have seriously printed in my darkroom, and I know I need practice. 

So, that is one of the things I am going to try working on in the upcoming months. It is a great time to start getting in to this because, honestly, it is really hard to be in the darkroom all day when it is sunny and warm and gorgeous outside. It is much easier when it is rainy and cold out. I will try to post scans of the images I print. If you see one you really like, speak up! I am very willing to sell prints, and will price them quite cheaply. Every little bit helps me buy more supplies!

I did get two rolls of film scanned in tonight. Here are a couple of images, fresh off the scanner:

They are both from our little road trip over Labor Day weekend to Mundelein and Madison.


Until tomorrow.