Day 45

By Jes • Uncategorized • 20 Oct 2009

One more smaller project done today!

Today, I spent the day in my studio diligently working on (when not distracted by the internet) processing the photo session I did a few weeks ago for some friends of their two sweet little girls.



Even Grandma and Grandpa came with for some photos! 

We had a great time! I love watching these little girls grow up! 


Some of you might be wondering when I'm going to get back into blogging about my project and what I'm really working on. The truth is, it will be just a little while. I have a few more little projects like the above photo shoot to finish up. No, these won't be added into my big project in any way, but they are supporting it. These people are doing something pretty amazing – trusting me to take pictures of their family and record a moment of their life for them – and they are paying me! That money is being hidden away and will be going towards buying more film to take pictures for this project, buying matt board, and helping me afford to have someone else cut all of the matts I need so I don't have to go crazy with all of that math and straight edge cutting (trust me, that isn't pretty!)  So, to these patrons, I am very grateful, and I am enjoying the work!

Until tomorrow.