Day 5

This building is in Roseville very close to the Indianhead trucking company. The buildings have been vacant for quite awhile now. Construction workers are tearing down the buildings, making way for something new. It is interesting to watch their progress. Each building is slowly reduced to multiple piles of rubble, separated out for recycling I guess, and taken away.   Taken with a Hasselblad 501c/m, Ilford Pan F 50 Black and white film.  August 2009.

In Real World it was barely a building.

Scarcely more than a pile of rubble

most of the walls and ceiling gone

making way for the next thing.

Someone here saved it though

uploading an image of the partial building

and brought it here

coding in windows where there once was brick

skylights where there was only ceiling.

Creating a place to exist and dream and watch.