Day 55

By Jes • Uncategorized • 3 Nov 2009

This week I am working on finishing two more little projects, and getting back to working on my big project. I have really missed focusing on it while I have been working on the other things, but there will always be times like that. The important part is that I do eventually get back to working full time on my big project. 

There are also a lot of Holiday sales coming up soon at many of the art centers. I will have a few prints for sale from my newer work. I'll make sure to post where when I have that all figured out.

I'm not really fully awake yet, so my thoughts are still really scattered. Today is mostly just going to be a work day for me. Next week I'll get back into more project stuff again. I'm still working on it, just in very little bits right now. 

A couple more of the Polaroids I took on Halloween. I feel like I'm really starting to get the hang of my Polaroid Sx-70 camera. I always carry it with me in my purse now. It folds up flat, so it fits really easily. 

The marquee sign at the St. Anthony Main theater. The sign is really bright, so I was able to just take this without doing anything special. 

The Hennepin Avenue bridge. I didn't use my tripod on this one. I just set my camera on the railing of the 3rd Avenue Bridge that we were standing on. There were cars driving behind us on the bridge, and the vibrations make the camera shake just enough to get the light streaks. I really like how they came out though. This will be great to use as a layer in a compilation image. This was a 15 second exposure.

That's all for now.

Until tomorrow.