Day 6

Another with images and words.

Sometimes it takes awhile for the words to find their images.

This is a long exposure of my feet and my hubby's feet in the swimming pool at our condo. The shot was taken at night and we were sitting very close to the pool light.   Taken with a Hasselblad 501 c/m using a Polaroid back and Silk 125i pack film. It was about a 3 second exposure.

I think of her all the time when I’m not plugged in.

I wonder what she would think

if she were here right now.

She’d probably scoff at these people

their attachments to objects

to things just because you can touch them.

They don’t realize the limitations they have in Real World.

They don’t know how, over there, you can not only have the object

but you can also create it,

make every bit exactly how you want it

look, feel, smell, sound, taste,

and then, when it is perfect

you can make it last forever

or however long you like.

It will always be there.

Not like here.

In Real World, people are always losing

things, objects, each other.

The dashboard of my car, including my favorite car CD player, my special cup holder, favorite coffee cup, dragonfly from my last birthday cake, and a price sticker from something I bought in Japan.  Taken with a Holga and expired Fuji color negative film.

Little star lights on our deck.   Taken with a Hasselblad 501 c/m using a Polaroid back and Sepia pack film.