Jes Lee

Day 65

Today was, in a way, productive, though, once again I don't have much to show for it.

I was out in Dinkytown today (ok, yes, my mom and I went to get massages at The Refinery – that place is amazing!) and since it was another gorgeously sunshiny filled day, I tried taking a few photos. I got a couple of Polaroids (which I will scan in later this week sometime) and I took a few photos with my Holga. Right now I have 35mm film loaded in that. I'm anxious to see how it works.

I started working on the book of photos from our Japan trip. So far, it is easier than I expected it to be! Blurb has a set of templates that you can use in Adobe InDesign. So far it makes it pretty easy to create your own layouts. I think it will take me awhile to finish, but someday you'll see it!

In the mean time, I get to go through our trip photos again, and I'll post more here! I have plans for Thursday to spend the day printing and working on some new compilations. Maybe there will be more new things here later this week!

Also, I cleaned part of my studio today. That actually is a pretty big accomplishment.

Downtown Osaka, our first night.

Until tomorrow!