Day 67

Today, thankfully, ended better than it started. I like days that are great all the way through, but I'll take this over a completely down day anytime.

I started out slow this morning. Really slow. I've felt very foggy and uncreative the last few days, and those of you reading this that know me personally, know that really drags on me. There are a ton of things I can attribute it to: working on too many other things, getting out of the mode of creating art, not feeling good, being overly tired, just basic blah. Any one of those is a good scape goat for me.

I had a lot of things to print today, so I finally got enough coffee in my system and got started, hoping it would be a mind numbing warm up. 

Everything was still weird and I still felt foggy. Many weird, sad things were going on in other parts of the world and I still couldn't get into working on anything more productive then that, so I finally grabbed a camera and walked around a little bit. I finally ended up shooting this:

No, I'm not depressed, or crying. I was letting my mind wander, and looking at the dead sticks that are filling my little flower pots right now when I finally snapped the picture. It is one of the first times in a portrait I haven't thought about my expression, and just let it be there. 

I decided it was enough of a start for the day and headed back to the computer. I came back to see this post on Twitter which lead me to read this blog about giving yourself permission as an artist to try, fail, succeed, and to be true to yourself. I have heard things like this many times before from many wonderful people. Seeing it again in writing today helped a lot. I finally gave myself permission to work on my artwork again, and gave myself permission to try.

Once I did that, I worked on these:

St. Anthony Main Reflections (or something like that) – this one is still a work in progress. I'm not convinced it is finished yet, but I am happy with the start. 

I also worked out this:

Where You Walk – which started out as this. I am much happier with it now. 

I'm happier with my day. I hope there are more like this coming up soon.

Until tomorrow,