Day 70

Today was a darkroom day. 

It was wonderfully relaxing for a change, the first day like that in a long time. 

I was in my studio very early, due to needing to babysit the kiln during the glaze fire we were doing today. Instead of napping on the couch, I managed to stay awake and keep moving at a nice, steady pace. I developed two rolls of film (Ilford PanF 50 developed in Ilford DD-X developer – so far the results look good!).

Once those were done, I spent time making prints. It was nice to get back to that. I was able to just take my time, and I got two prints that I am very pleased with.

When you take your time, you can get the results you want. I need that reminder as much as I needed a day like today.

I worked on a bit of pottery as well today. 

Computer Labs finished the repairs on my printer today, and I already have it back. I'm looking forward to a bit of extra time with the holiday this week and plan to use it to get a few more things together for the holiday sales. Hopefully my next work day will go as smooth as today.

Until tomorrow,