Day 75

By Jes • Uncategorized • 1 Dec 2009

Today was the last of the holiday sale drop offs.

I tried getting a few other things done today, but I didn't accomplish much. I'm honestly pretty fried right now. I'm hoping some sleep will cure that, and I'll be back to the normal artwork this week still. I have plans! 

I actually did write for a bit today, which was nice and very needed. Sorry, I didn't write anything that I am at all ready to share here. It needs a bit more editing before that. My brain is going in a couple different directions right now, including hand writing and russian dolls, and I need a bit of time to flush it out. It is coming though.

Part of my day involved showing my dad the space my show will be in come September 2010. It was awesome being able to show him, but once again, pretty overwhelming seeing the size of the space again. I am in awe that they trust me to fill up that much space with my visual ramblings. It is a big deal. I'm honored, and scared. I know this is part of the process though, and I'm dealing with it!

I'm hoping for a photo shoot this weekend if the light is nice and the temps aren't below zero or something. I have ideas of things I want to photograph. I'd like to have the time to play with it a bit.

I found this photo in my folder today and was drawn to it. Not every photo has to be perfect. Sometimes it tells more of a story if it isn't.

It was taken with my Holga camera – which is a cheap medium format camera made almost entirely of plastic. It is a pretty amazing little thing.

Until tomorrow