Jes Lee

day 84

Today I started my Monday like I have so many other weeks. Coffee, a little bit of internet time, and getting ready to tackle that huge to-do list. 

Today, it was a little hard getting to that to-do list. It took me awhile to realize why. It finally dawned on me that the huge to-do list, wasn't so huge today. For the first time in weeks, I didn't have things that needed to be ready for a drop off the next day. For the first time there weren't deadlines looming over me. Well, there is still that deadline for my show, and that is a pretty huge deadline, but it isn't something you tackle in one day. (I have also reached a point that requires more thinking than doing, but that is perhaps something for a different blog post) 

So instead of framing, gluing, labeling, and making inventory lists, I spent the day writing, doing some research, and finishing up an image I promised @jeffreywith2fs for his Great Polaroid Giveaway project. This felt a lot more like playing than working! 

It is so cold here, even the snow ninja is protesting for the return of Spring! Taken with my Canon Rebel XT this afternoon, on my snowy deck.

Yes, it's cheesy!

It was a wonderfully enjoyable day!

Until tomorrow,