Jes Lee

Day 85

Thinking a lot today. Most of my thoughts are very scattered though.

I'm remembering a lot about Japan. In my spare time (I don't think I really have any of that!) I have been organizing a book of photos from our trip.

We are planning another trip – this one to Hawaii at the end of January – and I think that is adding to my scattered feelings. 

Mountain rest stop in Japan.

The city skyline view you could see as you were walking up to Osaka Castle.

Osaka Castle


I feel right now like I am at a point where I'm not sure I am working on the right things for my project, or focusing in the right areas. It is a hard feeling to have, and it fills my mind with a lot of questions that no one can really answer. 

I have plans to focus on writing more tomorrow, and work on making more test prints on Thursday. 

Hopefully that will help.


Until tomorrow,