Jes Lee

day 86


From how late this blog is being posted, a few things are obvious:

1. The whole idea of going to bed early didn't last for long.

2. I should probably not drink an espresso drink after 5pm.

3. I have not yet succeeded in getting myself adjusted to a schedule of being creative/working on artwork during the day instead of at night.

I'm still working on setting up the papermaking parts, and will hopefully have more to report on that next week.

In the meantime, I have been making notes; visual notes as well as written notes. 

I gave myself a break today, and spent some time just listening to music and writing. While I did fail a bit at ignoring some of the social media I am addicted to, the time was successful! I still have the feeling that what I wrote was crap – as most first drafts honestly are – I did actually manage to focus on writing and getting some ideas out. Then, in going back over some of those ideas tonight, I took a few pictures – blue polaroids this time. 

Keep in mind that these are 'notes' to me. The writing isn't finished, the photos aren't the best, but to me all of this makes sense as a bit of a break through, and hopefully an end to the 'creative block' I've had the last couple of days where everything just felt stuck in my head. 


There were rumors of her existance

the girl who left Real World for Digital.

Supposedly she said it was for the best before plugging in forever.

Some say she gave up her freedom that day.

i think she just found a different kind of freedom.

She wanders through here much like the rumors do.


The fortress of firewalls didn't stop him.

They are just like the plastic kid-gates back in Real World. 

Given enough time, and enough of a running start, any kid and dog can manage to get through them.



She felt observed and uneasy.

She didn't at all want to be associated with that generation – those who paricipated in the worship of sub-zero refridgerators and iconic images of past events.

'Flash bulb moments' they called them.

It was all consumed media now.

Out-modded technology that had no where to go.

Replaced by online eye candy. 

It was an uncertain age. 

Two groups colliding.

Trying to find common ground.

The instant translation process compelled all of us to dream, but sometimes that wasn't enough to overcome the massive media gap of the digital visual boom.

Realtime was giving way to a future with instant recall.


Many things are important for me to remember:

1. Hasselblads are awesome at giving you sharp, high quality images. That doesn't mean that all images taken with  one have to be sharp.

2. Everything is a start. Everything is something.

3. Layers can be made in the camera, and are just as cool as ones put together on the computer.


Tomorrow I plan on hanging out at some of the museums. We'll see what strikes me then.

Until tomorrow,